Burrows shall burn and Bulbuls shall die
A fire so wild they must but die
Their glories unsung and stories unsaid.
Upon their ashes  will men sure tread.

Such is the misery of those countless unfortunate stuck in the conflict zones across the world. It is often said that all is fair in love and war. I am not sure if I believe in it anymore. These conflicts, either of ideologies or for identities might or might not end in a clear mandate. But they do without fail, end and expend a lot of innocent lives in the due course. Men, women, children, friends, families, love and a lot more remain buried noiselessly under the noise of machine guns and bombshells.


Long ago in a country called India, there lived a girl called Nirbhaya. She was gang-raped and left to die. Enraged by the brutality of the incident, her country-men rose up in multitude against her offenders. They held rallies and spoke fiercely to render her justice. And then there was silence. Few years later there was a girl called Jisha in the other corner of the country who met an equally merciless fate. They woke up again to demand justice for Nirbhaya and Jisha. Then again silence took over them. Caught up amidst these alternating periods of voices, noises and radio silences, the Nirbhayas and Jishas never found an ending to their stories, forget about a happy ending.

There is one particular incident that must be recounted here to make my point. One day, since I alighted from the bus at a stop which wasn’t exactly mine, I had to saunter till my residence through a stretch of road that I wasn’t familiar with. The stretch was eerily dark and quiet. After walking for some distance, I saw a minuscule, thatched hut to my left, and a lady standing outside calling out.