History of the Kannada Script and Language

Pulling in a 1600-year timeline of the evolution of a language so dear to its folk in its homeland into a half an hour slot is a task that could very well be passed off as a herculean task. Yet, Dr S. Settar brought in the history of Kannada, with the clearest of details with ease. Dr Settar is a prolific writer in two languages- English and Kannada- and his themes pan across languages, art-history, religions, and the likes.

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Bara – A Commoner’s Review

It was during the Bangalore literature Festival that I first heard of Bara. This book of U.R. AnanthaMurthy was discussed by a panel moderated by Chandan Gowda. Chandan Gowda indeed has translated this super short novella into English from Kannada. I had no idea what Bara was about during the panel discussion but what got me interested in it was the mention of a string of thoughts as experienced by the protagonist, an IAS officer of a drought stricken district. Continue reading “Bara – A Commoner’s Review”