Women in Contemporary Literature

Poet, Novelist Anjana Basu sat down with Historian, Creative Writer Ambai and Scientist, Fiction Writer Indira Chandrasekhar to discuss ‘Women in Contemporary Literature’. When Anjana wondered if the depiction of women in literature had changed in the recent times, Ambai clarified, “To say that the depiction has changed would mean that the earlier writers did not think about it. However, that is not correct. From … Continue reading Women in Contemporary Literature

Silence – The Trolls are in Session

Women have always been easy subjects of harassment but the tragic death of Gauri Lankesh has sent us a very important message and it becomes very crucial to discuss the perils of being a woman journalist. The Bangalore literature festival had eminent journalists like Sindhu from Asianet news, Nidhi Razdhan from NDTV, Laxmi Murthy who works with International Federation of Journalists on issues of press freedom and journalists’ rights and award-winning journalist Ammu Joseph discuss and debate about what needs to be done to safeguard the women in journalism.

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