The Circle of Friends

If my friends were to form a circle, where would I stand? Will I stand as a point on the circumference, or will I be the center from where the circle would be drawn? Being at the center around which the friends would form the circle of life definitely sounds almost like a movie where you have been nominated in the ‘Best Actor’ category, and your friends in the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ category.

We stand at the center like the Sun. However, there is an irony associated. The planets have to maintain an optimum distance from the Sun. Too close, they collapse; too far they are gone! The points on the circumferential curve too have to maintain a distance for the existence of the circle. The moment that distance is annihilated, the circle is gone; and though there is no limit to how expansive the circle can grow – you from the center will only be able to watch out for the ones who are visible from the naked eyes.

What is the ideal situation? Let’s examine what happens if the circle collapses into the center.  Will that make us complete? A point in time where the circle collapses into its center and we become one – is that what we are after all? I and my friends become so close that there is no more I and them? If that would complete us, are we not complete even without a circle? We still exist as a point from where infinite number of circles can be made. That implies that we might never be complete with the collapse of those circles into us because there will always exist a possibility of another circle getting drawn from us. The collapsing phenomenon can be said to complete us only if we are already complete with or without a circle. We – a point – a complete point. Add a glass of water to the ocean, it’s complete. Take out a glass of water, it is still complete.  Draw a new circle of friends, erase an existing circle – I – I remain complete! So, does the circle of friends matter?

Are we a static point in space and time? Far from it, we are highly unstable points, one moment here and another there. We erase the circles we don’t need, we keep sticking to a few circles that we can’t let go of. We constantly change our position, and therefore the circles too get  generated, regenerated, altered, and destroyed. They appear, they expand, they contract, they disappear.

Another question then arises – How important it is to have these circles with ‘you’ as the point in center? I believe we have to find our own answers to that. One interesting thing to note is – the radius of such a circle also depends on the number of friends you have and with increasing radius, all the points of this circle keep going away from you. How many can you see today with your bare eyes? Let’s count for a minute. I wish you good luck.

What are you wondering about? Choose your place. Center or the Circumference? Is your friendship just about you? Are you the one who always puts himself at the center and expects the others to form that circle around you? In that case, brace yourself to lose sight of a few friends, and to destroy a few circles? No? You want to be on the circumference? Very well. Be ready to lose yourself, prepare to get destroyed because the center will always be occupied by somebody.
The center never goes empty.